Successful events build lasting relationships

At goodeed, our goal is to help you cultivate true fans who will support your organization for the long haul. Of course the number at the end of the event is important, but we believe that your greatest asset are the caring human beings you unite behind your cause.

Faith-based organizations

Faith moves mountains, and we help convert your beliefs into a better world for all. We understand that in trying times it is brotherhood and fellowship that hold society together. Let’s join forces to make your next fundraising event a success.

Caregiving organizations

Nothing pleases us more than working hard to help those who help others. Hospitals, senior care organizations, food and shelter for the homeless – whatever it is that you do to make life easier for those in need, we want to be there to help you succeed.

Cause-based organizations

Revolutions are built by solving problems. Whatever your cause may be: environmental, social justice, or something else entirely, we want to be there for you. After all, the more problems we solve the better off we’ll all be.

A new world needs new rules

Goodeed – where good deeds grow.