Goodeed AI Technology

Goodeed AI is an artificial intelligence (AI) Patent development technology that revolutionizes how we interact in the virtual and digital space. The company’s technology allows Goodeed Networks to create intelligent 3D avatars, that look, sound, and behave like them.

Goodeed AI Technology is particularly wellsuited for the entertainment space, as celebrities and studios look for new ways to engage viewers and fans in more personalized and unique experiences. Powered by AI Technology all of the programs and Live Events on each Fundraising Campaign will be fully Automated with Virtual Hosts,Virtual Studio and Cameras, Text to Speech and NLP , as part of the Marketing package and to maximize the Campaign goals.

These avatars can speak in their chosen voice, mimic the latest viral dance, and even let celebrities/influencers interact with fans through mobile devices and have conversations that can mimic reallife exchanges.

Our customers will now get to enjoy the absolute best in Entertainment AI Technologies that ranges from the latest Good deeds Stories to Fully Automated Fundraising campaigns.