What isGoodeed Networks ?

Founded in 2020, Goodeed Networks is the result of extensive research into the psychology behind giving. Goodeed Networks’s aim is to help not -for -profit organizations engage more donors and raise more money – enabling them to do more good – thereby creating a better world.

Where is Goodeed Networks based?

Goodeed Networks is a global company with its headquarters in New York and outposts in 10 cities. See locations to see all our offices.

Does Goodeed Networks offer refunds?

Refunds are provided upon proof the donation was fraudulent.

Which currency can I make a donation in?

Your donations will be charged in the currency the goal is set to, unless otherwise specified on the donation page. Some campaigns allow for donations in multiple currencies. Please make sure to check which currency you are donating in, prior to submitting your donation.

When will I receive my receipt?

You will receive your receipt within 24 hours of the successful conclusion of a campaign.

Will I receive a receipt for the real amount or the effective amount?

Your receipt will reflect the real amount donated.

Can I donate anonymously?


Can I donate on mobile?

Yes, or you can use our Mobile Version.

What happens to my donation if an ‘all or nothing campaign’ does not reach their goal?

The donation will not be charged to your account.

Is my donation tax deductible?

In most places, yes. Ultimately, the ability to issue tax deductible receipts rests upon the local jurisdiction containing the nonprofit.

Are the organizations vetted? How do I know that I am donating to a legitimate organization?

Every organization is vetted before they are permitted to launch a campaign on Goodeed Networks. The vetting is followed up by periodic check-ins prior to the launch to further ensure everything is above board.

Is the credit card processing secure?

Yes. Goodeed Networks takes your security seriously and we take reasonable measures to protect our user’s information. All transaction and credit card information entering the Goodeed Networks system is sent directly to our 3rd party processors, our servers do not store or process your credit card information.

What happens with my personal information?

Goodeed Networks does not sell or distribute your information to any third parties. To read more about what information we collect and what is done with it, please refer to our Privacy Policy .

How can I find out about upcoming campaigns?

Campaign promotion is sent out solely by the organization, not by Goodeed Networks.

How does Goodeed Networks work?

Check our video explainer.

How long does it take to prepare a campaign?

Typically, it takes about between 6 to 12 weeks to prepare a Goodeed Networks campaign.

Am I eligible to run a Goodeed Networks campaign?

Every non-profit organization is able to run a Goodeed Networks campaign. For personal cause campaigns you will need to speak to a Goodeed Networksrep.

Why can’t I start a campaign directly on your website?

Unlike a typical crowdfunding platform, Goodeed Networksdoes not allow you to start a campaign on your own. This is because the campaigns on Goodeed Networks is a culmination of weeks of work and consultation with a Goodeed Networks Fundraising Specialist and Campaign manager, whose job it is to set your organization up for success. Click here to get in touch.

When will I receive my funds?

You will receive your funds within 7 business days of the completion of a successful campaign.

What information will I receive about my donors?

You will receive your donors’ names, email addresses, physical mailing addresses and at times, phone number and comments.

Can donors in other countries donate to my campaign?

Yes. However, they may be subject to a foreign transaction fee by their credit card provider.

What kind of payments do you accept on your site?

Cedit Card, ACH, Paypal, Select Donor Advised Funds

What type of support does Goodeed Networks provide for my campaign?

Goodeed Networks will provide your organization with a personal campaign manager who will work with you and prepare you for a successful campaign. Briefly, this includes, proprietary goal setting analysis, virtual charity event, a marketing program, influencers program assistance with your operations room, and post campaign guidance.

Why does Goodeed Networks charge a fee?

We are a social enterprise, which means we believe that social change needs to be sustainable. Investing in our platform, our service, and our team enables us to provide the support you need to succeed in making your social impact – it is a virtuous circle! If we cannot pay for our hosting, our service, and our team, we can’t help you. Our fee structure also means we are 100% aligned with your goal. We only get paid when you succeed.

What happens if a goal is met before the deadline?

Your donors can continue to give in a bonus round.