About Goodeed

Where good deeds grow.
Who are we?

We are passionate about telling stories that touch hearts and lives

We are a global team dedicated to the idea of making a difference by lifting up great organizations like yours. We are technology experts. We are marketers. We are broadcast media experts. And we are non-profit executives. We love rolling up our sleeves and doing the hard work that empowers our partners to succeed, but most importantly, we are human beings that believe that together we can make things better.

AI Technology

Goodeed AI is a patented artificial intelligence (AI) technology that revolutionizes how we interact in the virtual and digital space. Thanks to our technology we are able to provide Fully Automated Live Events with a virtual host that can interact in real-time with both donors and campaign owners.


We love telling powerful stories. The key to successful fundraising is cultivating an enthusiastic audience that shares the vision of what your organization does.Our team of expert marketers thrive on building tribes of true fans for our partners.


Our cutting edge online events are designed to showcase the work you do. They convey a sense of urgency to the followers who are motivated to helping you transform the world.Combine multiple goodeed events into a year long fundraising marathon!

Our Values

It's what you do that matters

Everything we bring to the table is designed to showcase the transformative work our partners are doing around the world.

Only the most respected partners

We only work with the most respected and vetted organizations around the world. For us, numbers are less important than knowing we’re making a difference.

Long term relationships

While we understand the benefits of event-based fundraising, we thrive on cultivating long term, successful relationships with our partners and their supporters.

Audited results

Where the money goes

At goodeed we hold ourselves to the same high standards as we hold our partners to. We believe in transparency and making sure that everything we do supports our mission of empowering meaningful change around the world. Every year 10% of our corporate profits are invested back into our partners’ campaigns.

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History About Us

At goodeed we help transformative organizations transform the world. We bring to the table a passionate team of broadcast media experts, non-profit executives and digital marketing professionals who take the pain out of producing and running cutting edge online fundraising events. If you are looking to raise half a million or more, we’re here to make it happen.

Our team will work with you to design and implement an all-inclusive fundraising package that will include marketing, big-budget entertainment, livestreaming technology as well as event organization and execution.

Want to help change the world?

We believe that every contribution counts as we empower amazing organizations who drive meaningful change around the world.


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